“Genevieve! Call for you…I’ll transfer it to room 1.”
Hm, strange. Not sure who would be calling me.

“Hi, this is the x-ray tech for the region. I do the QC of all the xrays before they’re sent to be read by the radiologist.”
“Oh. Hi.”
“Did you do a left clavicle xray recently, or did someone else take this?”
“Sort of. My nurse in charge was showing me how to do an xray.”
“Well, this xray is terrible.”

“Oh.” This much, I knew. When the image came up, I saw that we had managed to capture his whole chest, rather than just his left collarbone. But it was enough for me to see the fracture I needed confirmation of…and our poor aim serendipitously confirmed that it did not puncture his lung.

“I’m not sure what you want me to do with this. I don’t want to send it to the rad since we have a bad enough reputation up here for poor xrays.”

I sigh. Honestly, the rad could call me personally and give me grief for it, for all I care. But the xray caught what I needed it to, and I’d already texted it to the doc on call who could the see the fracture just fine. I was not going to have to kid come back to the clinic and re-xray him.

“Just google image search clavicle xray, okay?” she continues. “Look at any picture – that’s what a clavicle xray should look like. No chest, no other side, just the clavicle. You have google images up there, right?”
I’m sure she’s trying to press my buttons, but I ignore it. “Yes, we do have google images here,” I answer cheerily. “I’ll talk to my nurse in charge about rejecting the xray.”

Shelley, my nurse in charge, just rolls her eyes when I tell her this. “It’s like if I told her to do a nursing task without training, and then gave her shit for doing a terrible job.”
“Well, I had already asked his mom to bring him back for another xray in four weeks to make sure it’s healing properly, so I’ll just ask Joe to do the xray then,” I say.

Joe, I should mention, is not actually an xray tech. He’s the janitor at the health centre. He was also the guy who came to pick me up at the airport. He’s the one responsible for making sure all of our trucks are gassed up and ready to go. And if I ever need to get ahold of any patient who didn’t leave a phone number – yes, he’s the man who will go out and find them for me.
He’s also, I’m sure, far better at taking xrays than I am.


  1. The most impressive part of your saga so far is actually how you manage to not just SNAP some people's heads off! Some humans don't deserve your patience! D:


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