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DAY 42

I’m going home today. Six weeks is a strange stretch of time – long enough to feel like I’ve lived in an alternate universe, but short enough to fall right back into the rhythm of my normal life. I’ve been counting down the days before I head home, but there has also been a hesitation to go back to the noise, the packed schedule, the feeling of being pulled in all directions, all the time. These past six weeks, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to pause and look around, and give a voice back to the introspective girl I used to know better.

I’d stopped writing a few years ago, partly due to my busy schedule, but also because I wasn’t sure I had anything meaningful to say. I’d been thrust into this world of nursing and its confusing, hilarious, and heartbreaking patient encounters, yet I couldn’t find the words to make sense of it all. I constantly felt the pressure of walking this tightrope between being emotionally detached enough to let go of things at t…

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